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The Car You Wanna Drive Lyrics

Lola Ponce – The Car You Wanna Drive Lyrics

Honk honk, here I go
As the beats drop from my stereo
On the streets crusing blow
As I drive by, I hear you guy's go ooh
From the headlights up front
To the bumpers in the back I'm hot like wooow
You can start me up slow
Or push me harder 'til my engine roars

Don't wanna impress, don't bang my chest
But God just made me so... Hot hot hot

I'm the car you wanna drive (drive)
The jeep you wanna ride
Got the wheels you wanna try (try)
So let's go cruisin' through the night
The car you brag about ('bout)
A V12 engine and a 4 wheel drive
So push my speakers loud
And let me take you for a spin

When you're ready to roll
Put the keys in and turn me on
If my gas ain't too low
I'll let you drive on 'til the night is over
Push the throttle let's go
I go automatic with cruise control
Take the highway up north
Pedal to the floor as we hit the road

Drive, we can drive on thtu the night
Ride, ride (on) until the morning light
Try, I know you wanna try me out...
I'll be the car you wanna ride
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