Can you hear me?
Is someone there?
Am I losin my mind?
Am I losin my mind?
Am I overload?
Won't you rescue me?
Talkin about them minds

Yo I scribble death letters to myself every day
Sitting here locked away gone astray with my misery
Mind's torn apart by the box that's in front of me
Trying to erase all the pain that's become of me
I'm perceived as conceited I'm reaching
And screaming at the top of my lungs WHY
In need of a miracle a spiritual calling come seep through the walls
And delete the pitch black that you hear in these songs
You might call it a blessing
You might call it depressing
You might call it a sick game
Mind torn apart and the fans wanna summon me
Live on the stage with their hands right in front of me
I just spit then I exit with a cigarette
Life full of death but it still hasn't killed me yet
Knife to my chest but there's still no feeling left
Like me or not imma still keep gettin checks


They associate my name with my face
With my raps with my hat with my clothes with my taste
It's a shame that you hate wanna burn my body at the stake
I think you'll find it deep inside the mirror is your missing fate
Mouth stitched shut brain trapped in a dark daze
Suicidal thoughts play homicidal talk raise
Crawlin in a dark maze clawlin at my heart craze
Starin at the walls up in this coffin in a grave
I press on like a zombie in this rap game
Prayin for a miracle to save me from this black rain
Act strange cause I feel strange
Punchin through the walls in my crib just to see if I can feel pain
But only nothing is it known to stack
I got a feeling that it's part of why my lungs are black
Prints collapse and I'm drowning in my sin perhaps
I put the rope around my neck and then I trip to black


I'm goin out of my mind, I'm goin out of my mind
I'm going out of my mind, I think I'm losing my mind up in this motherfucker [x2]

Don't fucking look at me like I'm crazy, I'm not crazy, y'all made me fucked up, yeah listen, the world made me this way so y'all are just gonna have to deal with it, don't fucking look at me crazy fuck that

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Losin My Mind Lyrics

Lokevelli – Losin My Mind Lyrics