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World Wide Lyrics

Logic – World Wide Lyrics

And to immediately start our show
I want to bring out the host of tonight's show
You all know him
A very wonderful, wonderful personality of show business

[Verse 1: Logic]
Now ain't it funny how the whole thing changed
They said I'd never make it, now their words rearranged
I went from nothing to something
But I was something all along
Who you know on the come-up doing numbers in Hong Kong
Got fans in LA, got fans in NY
Got fans down in Atlanta and all the way to the Chi
We world wide (world wide)
World wide motherfucker
They think we pay for promotion but our strength is in numbers
This is so comical, so hilarious
All these stupid groupie bitches want to marry us
And just a year ago, I had to pay to perform
And now venues across the country dropping stacks to go on
I've been working for years and sometimes I get heated
But those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it
I do it for the fans
They know what the message is
Rattpack is world wide, don't believe it check the messages

[Phone Calls From Fans]

[Verse 2: Logic]
And now I'm back but I'mma switch the style up
We moving at high speed, these fuckers are dialed up
You know I formulate my words like a dissertation
So let a brother proceed like litigation
I know you feel this deep inside of you, no penetration
We got something for everybody but in moderation
You gotta crawl 'fore you walk
I ball but you blog
Share knowledge like it's stocks
Since the West Deer Park
Back in the days and the 9 millimeter strays that grazed
My old apartment
To wherever I dreamed that's where my heart went
Now, as a baby my Mama was on the bottle
Couldn't wait 'till I was of age to hit the loto
Or the throtto and I'm gone
Like fuck the world
All I had was music and my girl
'Till that shit fell apart and this life Averelled
Never the less, I atest and "Am I blessed?" Hell yes
Occasional stress, but I only bite what I can digest
Back in the day it was jeans and white tee's
Now that I got all the sponsors I can keep up with the companies
Now I'm not bragging about material possessions
I'm trying to teach you a lesson about business and progression
And what happens when you perfect the image in your profession
Ain't no second guessing, you know it's all about perception
I used to talk about the things I wasn't really doing
But I had to visualize it before I began pursuing it
Yeah, huh, and now a motherfucker doing it
But business aside, it's been a beautiful ride
Cause I do it for the fans and brush the haters aside
I can't wait for the day I'll look within the eyes of my bride
Cause every lion needs its queen to make its children its pride but
These haters really don't know what the message is
(Don't know what the message is)
Once again, don't believe it check the messages

[More Phone Calls From Fans]

[Outro: Logic]
I just want to take a, take a moment of your time right now
I just want to thank everybody
I'm nothing without the fans
I'm nothing without my team
It's been a long journey
And this is just the beginning
Thank you all so much
I truly, I truly love you all from the bottom of my heart
Man this shit is crazy
Since day 1, I been at it
I know I probably sound real, real tired
But, shit the whole Rattpack been up for the like past 4 days trying to finish up this mixtape
It's just been crazy
But you already know what it is
Logic, Young Sinatra
Shout out to the Bobby Soxers, Rattpack all day, Visionary
I love ya'll

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