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Mind Of A Maniac Lyrics

Logic – Mind Of A Maniac Lyrics

Imma let it drop this time

[Verse 1]
Psycho whats fearless, anti-slits that means I'm illest
No bitch on my blood so I qualify as the realest
Infinite my mental capacity, ain't no passing me
A mastery with more verses than the first testament
Sacrifice a week, MC's that's how I do repent
C4, I'll disintegrate your friend to see more
Suicide lyricist, hit you like a claymore
My sixth sense leave you to burn like a pack of incense
Flow intense, filled with mad suspense
As I drench your headphones, proclaim my throne
Switch up the style quick to invert the tone

Yo, ha, yo

[Verse 2]
My mentality decipher reality for pretend
My state of mind is forcing fools to bend
Can you comprehend from where I do descend
My minds may never end, my philosophy a zealous prophecy
Let me teach you this hypocrisy
I'm an assassin with the name of a Kennedy
But truly you can't kill my identity
Sway with the miracle known as lyrical melody
Coming with brutality, finish with a fatality
Listen, I'm the illest white boy on the M-I-C
Reside in MD
Right around the corner from DC
In my spare time, I write rhymes in three
What's the dealio?
Sharp like Number 24s free throw
Playing Bitches like kino pass the scene, oh shit
Cause you know I need dough
Never pack heat my blade eat from retreat
I never sleep, less it be around the police
Spit projectiles, rugged exterior like a reptile
I never met an MC that could truly amaze me
Yeah they bust shots, but they bullets only graze me
A mental institution, I probably need to be in it
Cause I ain't done 'till I'm done and the song finished
This the type of shit that you bump with your windows tinted
This the type of shit that you bump with your fingers lifted
Spit the illest, I grab the microphone so you can feel this
Give you the realest, c'mon you know the deal is
Ever since I started rapping, real shit begun to happen
Brainwave frequencies I'm tapping
My first show, standing ovation, they still clapping
Showcases of governmental facilities
They was feeling me, dictionary my only utility
My flow heavier than menstruation
Leave the whole club shocked cause my skin Caucasian
Amazing, sharper than a sword by an Asian
Rhymes I release through my rugged fingertips
Keep a 9 to 5 only 'till I get rich
Cause I gotta hold a job, or I'll feel like a bitch
I murder mics, wordplay nice, heart made of ice
Any publicity good publicity, right?
So if my name in ya mouth, then I'm spreading like lice
I'm too nice

Drop it

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