Tonight who knows, maybe grab a bud light
But I'm feelin kinda tired, and the party's outta sight
Outta site like 8 blocks down the road
I'd need five-hour energy's and no explode
But fuck it I'll roll, lemme grab my coat
Made of red bull rum and some diet coke
Liftin cleanin, pavement beamin
Makin fire, man it's caveman season
Plus it's Berkeley, you know it's freezin
And I don't need gorgeous I just need decent
I said it before if you jack me on the street
You get room keys, gum, and a fake I'd
Want to play with me, don't come with the Wii
Bring the n64 and some tony hawk 3
Jelly I'm an athlete I can't smoke weed
What I'm doin tonight? I'm gettin in for free

Big Red

Big red baby I'm the verbal dominator,
Got a handle in my hand I'm the drink instigator.
Got a shot for you and a shot for me,
So many damn drinks I can barely see.
What you doing tonight that's the question of the day,
Text message on my phone message been relayed,
That the parties going down at my spot,
Like big red gun girls better be hot.
Bud light bottles and the sailor jerry rum,
Hey cutie with the booty, where are you from?
Didn't really hear you doesn't matter any way,
Plus I think I forgot your fucking name.
Maybe it was katie or maybe it was jane,
It doesn't really matter it's not me to blame.
It's that jungle juice had six cups tonight,
So you know baby what I'm doing tonight
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What U Doin Tonight? Lyrics

Loggy – What U Doin Tonight? Lyrics