It was all a dream
Picked up and packed my bags
Headed with my boys to chelseas pad
La la land where chicks are bad
And the sidewalks made of silicone and spray on tans
Sunday funday, LAX runway
The sun stays up late, soall we do is love make
Drunk straight on drinks of all assortments
But no limes so I filled my blue moon up with some oranges
All my friends say they wanna hit club
I'm not even 21, but my wallet knows what'sup
So many fake ids I don't know which ones me
But I'll find a rich girl so I can drink for free
I'm not a man, I'm just a little kid
And I know that alcohol is an excuse for what I did
Jibby jib jib from my chinny chin chin
The girl focused on in like a ritalin binge
Put it in, ya lime in my corona
Girl from arizona vicky barcelona
I don't belong here, th club just aint right
But if you buy me some patron then I'll stay the whole night
Had me shitfaced, didn't know where I was at
Got my moms first named tattooed on my back
Never seen anything like the socal scene
I gotta thank my lucky stars it was all a dream
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All A Dream Lyrics

Loggy – All A Dream Lyrics