Lay me down gently
My mind is disordered
Something my prey can sight
The bread has gone dryer and the whisky is watered
Still I can say that I’ve tried

To eat my fill, of everything I’m expected to digest
To smile at will, but I still steal the cakes
Of someone else’s Queen of Hearts
And that’s the way it’s been right from the very start

Sing me a sad song and I’ll she'd a sad tear
Pressing my front and I’ll cry
I am the outcome of mass production
I’m Batman, your bachelor’s toy

I’ll let you play
And do the things that make me want you more
Until you’re straight
And drop me in the cupboard like so many toys before
Then I will be the victim and you will be the whore

Lay me down gently
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Lay Me Down Gently Lyrics

Locomotive – Lay Me Down Gently Lyrics