Gurl you kno how it be wen yo nigga be da man
Hoes wanna fuck for dat million dolla c**
Always got me on da scene, so I'm always changing plans
Switchin up on you for ez pussy at a glance

But, don’t trip, you got this,
Give you ma heart, love, gold bangles on yo wrist,
Lookin flaw-less, dem otha broads get da dick,
& nufn more, from all da coochie dat I get I feel in love wit urs

Sononeedtobeinsecure, & I kno da shit I say,
Make you wanna punch me in ma face, but act like you kno!
Like you studied ma sign, like ma libido iz fire, & poppin bottles iz life
Tell yo friends keep quiet cuz don’t kno me,

I fuck dem, & make love to you like jody, slowly
Idk y I just do it,
But don’t nobody else get time, money, or energy invested
Or dat feelin of pushin da whip, while I'm smoking a spliff,
Leaned back, in da passenger of da lexus

But honestly you’ll probably be ma wifey,
& I'm proud dat you ma lady
& I'm sorry for ma bullshit baby!
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3005 Lyrics

L.O. – 3005 Lyrics