I release like a trigga to shock
I cause panic
Mcs now wonder, and rhymes is automatic
Episodes of psychotic terror
Hallucinatin' up here
Images like the desert mirage
Dizzy 8 sillouette till they leak and collapse
Front line'll combat through the eyes of a gat
Hit the top 10 or 20 for makin mikes a killa b
Armed for danger
Caution except evil marks the spot
Where I left your body parts
Deadly like venom
Strangle hoes like a python
Never felt fear unless fear was out of race
Then pursued his inner heart to lick his blood off my place
Damage on site I'm leaving scars in combat
Rhyme's us overweightin till I sink this fuckin island
Meet the rappest nigga round here
Will only harm
Low down enters the mind
So sick it's up to him

Now the razors under my tongue
A nigga insane - get done
Fuck around with this you'll get hung
As I twist you like a sista
Paranoid'll show ya
Crazy 8's what I'll be,
Remember that when I do ya cause I flowza like the Hiroshima
With the focus that captures the pure meaning of my manner
I'm known like the star spangled banner
For the shit that I project; in awe? So debate
Close my fist to make a nigga's head spin
Swell up inside; pow,
Then break his fuckin chin

Deathrow electric chair with your brains set to fry,
Hey pal do you you think that you could fly
Like Mccauley Culkin out ya mansion I'll be stalkin ready to devour;
Chew on your fuckin bone marrow
Nuff said
I'm sick and I'm quick to bust yo shit cause you lived a double life and ya switchin like oh my gosh
It's my twisted style that animates cause I'll be rippin niggas up with count em, 10 rusty razor blades
Your styles second hand, Salvation Army brand, you need a hand? Get the fuck up out like the kukluxklan
Sit like the pickers, they be feeding gravy train, despicable,
I eat your ass up just like I'm mange
I'm more deadly than a full blown case of aids
An extra dose of ghonorreah that starts drippin from ya rear
That's what you get when you try and get a ride on
I'll be leavin you to suffer without any antibiotics
And yeah, retarded, I'm hooked on fine chicks, I fucked em fjdmjdkskfjnd
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Mad Fright Night Lyrics

Lo Down – Mad Fright Night Lyrics

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