When the pimps in the crib mom
Park it like it's hot
Park it like it's hot

When the dogs try to bark at me
Park it like it's hot
Park it like it's hot

When the pigs try to eat at me
Park it like it's hot
Park it like it's hot

Uh! I'm a nice dude with some nice jeans
See these ice cubes, I want some icecream
Eligable matchmaker million dollar goat
That's whiter than the icecream running down my coat
The phantom, exterior lets make eggs
The kilometer like suicide cheek red
I can exercise you with my friend edd
Cheat on your mom, man that's how you get into phys ed.
Kill her with the beat, I know killers with big meat
With the steel that'll make you feel like chu hua hua in the heat
Don't try to run up on my butt, talking all that sewing shit
Trying to ask me if I'll knit
When my brothas fill ya vase they gon pass me flowers
You should think about it, take a second
Not a fact you should eat four beets
And think before you mess wit little rowdy boy G

I'm a silly boy but ya'll didn't know that
Da big hound dog, yeah I had to do that!
I keep a pink flag hangin out my backside
But only on the left side, yeah that's the crop side
Aint no other way to play the game the way I play
I fart so much you'd thought I was a DJ
Two! one! yep, three!
S-N double O-P, D-O double G
I can't fake it, just inhale it, and when I take it
See I specialize in making all the boys get neked
So bring your pets, aall of ya'll come inside
We got a world premier dog show right now, get live!
So don't change the fizzle, turn it up a wittle
I got living room full of dime pizzles
Waiting on the pizzle, the dizzle, and the shizzle
G's to the bzzack, now ladies here we gizzo

I'm a naughty boy I get a lot of Bows
Ride my own bikes and paint my own toes
I hang out tough I'm a real boss
Big Hound dogg, yeah he likes to bark
On the tv screen and in the magazines
If you play me close your on a balance beam
Oh you got a bone? so you wanna chomp that?
K9 Krunchies, now buddy stop that!
Concrete shoes, not I'm doin my groove
You're dog pounds crying, now you on puppy news
They can't find you and now they miss you
Must I remind you I'm only here to hiss at you
Pistol whip you, trip you then kick you
Then dance to this mothermaking music we bark to
Subscribe brotha, get ya tissues
Doggy dog come close let me see how you catch a goose

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Drop It Like Its Hot Lyrics

Lo Dawg – Drop It Like Its Hot Lyrics

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