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Trying To Be A Gansta Lyrics

Lloyd Banks – Trying To Be A Gansta Lyrics

[enter lyrics]
Pass that blunt man..

[Chorus: X2]
Ya Jumpin outta character, tryin 2 be a gangsta,
But you really a bitch ass nigga aint ya,
Keep talkin and I'm a let the 40 spray paint ya,
Everybody knows your a wanksta..

That's right, put on the foot locker uniform,
I'll fuck around and put a lump on yo forehead, you'll look like a unicorn,(Woo)
I never slip whether I got flip flop or sneakers on,
Fame'll make a bitch smile, strip, drop and lose her thong,
They aint attracted 2 you,
You tryin 2 floss in yo Platinum Fubu,
Yo s***s weak and ya tracks are do do,
I got a lung like a chimney,
The old heads dig me,
I'll put a hungry head in ya kidney,
My uncle smokin dat ooo wee,
I tell him 2 chill but he steady trippin,
Blinkin his eyes more than Eddy Griffin(Yea)
This nigga steady snitchin,
Til we see em, leavin da crime scene wit a whole lot of spaghetti missin,
We 2 hot 2 ignore us, the bitches adore us,
They chew a nigga up on da tour bus,
Go home and kiss you, hug you squeeze you,
The whole time you thinkin its cuz you diesel(Yea)

[Chorus: X2]

[Verse 2:]:
These niggaz want me wet like a grimlin,
Shakin da timlin,
When I'm around, bitches start shakin and tremblin,
I'm like a Puerto Rican, Jamacian, and Indian,
Trinidadian, Dominican, or Sinican,
You wont believe what I'm swimmin in,
I smoke my Dro fresh outta da grinder, it look like a cinamon,
I can do da job betta,
These niggaz crushed up in a Coop, likin tighter than a Bob Sleder,
You a actor, better yet a actress,
Start beef, and do a video pumpin ya black fist(Yea)
Dog I'm not like a lot of heads,
Trust me, I'll put a switchblade in yo nostrol like Radamez,
And at the time a ladies man,
Icy watch, Navy band, play me plam,
My records should be 80 grand,
Aint a team out that can do it da way we can(Yea)

Chorus X 2
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