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The Sprint Lyrics

Lloyd Banks – The Sprint Lyrics

Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh
Had the game how I run it
Had been bowling all week
Set them high ever and my flow sick
This are stories for a honey gotta give me four feet
Fifth and four rounds, bout to make a gym go sweet
Chocolate eye candy gotta pick up all sweet
Tag contract can't keep these bitches off me
I rap scary, Marry marry me we a couple
You strap really keep your family with a louie duffle
Ain't too many of my level only knew a couple
Play swag and fly steady when you the buckle
We eat like the mob you on a tuna struggle
I left a piece of it
Less talk, let's do the puzzle
Hey yeah I got to shot somebody
I got the bad girls flocking me ass
Dropping and poppin' marty
The king is down, you an impostor bummy
Champagne impostor on a block are on me
It ain't no stopping mommy, and know I'm single still
Kingdom on the hill got a fleet over hills
My flows on pills, red beams with the cells
Beaming up, gotta clear my head just to chill
Borrow some movies s** scene I see the film
Fill a filthy mouth with that ass on the couch
Ceremony I'm ridin' leather chromey
You hoes will never know me
Think I'm doing better alone me
Big will, no pockey, no type like Grenoble
Blowing out the pitchers stones block out the rolley
Honey gotta fed her so her feast is all spits
Stuck my fingers in her pussy made her taste her own shit
I ain't got a wool a bottle fill you wanna dry yeah
You are all clear, living a hundred on my eye real
Die real, use your might here, right in Times Square
Bomb scare, kicking it in my eastern around here
My heart is all black, body all hacked
While they hold flash, party mob slash
Martyr grown, hard speaker,
Now the language always in the foreign corner
Cardiac, I'm an A team, if I appear gotta be by year
I swear, I catch her favourite rapper tryin' to sprint back here
Will be a neck game like a sprint I swear
When another niggers fade I'ma be right here
I'm looking at the niggaare in the mirror on my single to be clearer
And this hard as ass driller, I'm just bringing you the thriller
Menage avec the swiller, hope the others even realer
It's only bedroom, and the ir when I drill her
High likes like the Eiffel I know it clips
Everything you take her back stick to V6
You goons already lose let's make it happen
Been cashing here the fattest ass
Hear a nigga clapping
I'm always getting it, this time I'll over get it
So all then hold the blizzard, throw of the pivot
My flow's frigid, yeah it's my frozen style
Big spinning balls like the golden child
They say they want to eat, neck down they flee
Chill one day, 6 times in a week
Creep, I see my haters at the crossroads
No heart, got bitches stripping on the north pole
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