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Karma Lyrics

Lloyd Banks – Karma Lyrics

I am the one you denied
Brushed me off everytime I tried
But I'm alright
I'm able to swallow my pride
And put all the bullshit to the side
If you ready to ride
I'm down for a one night stand
I'll accept it any way that I can
'cause I aint yo man
I'll try for whatever it's worth
Just remember who played who first

[Lloyd Banks]
I can't keep my eyes off ya
I can tell why them other guys lost ya
Ur kinds rearer than a flying saucer
That's what I can offer
Similarities and characters
Haven't ya heard the word around town
How I get down?
They all whistle
Everybody part official
An that ass was you
Got my dick hard as a missle
Don't hop on top
'cause I ride around with a pistle
N if they pull us over I'll be out of town wit an issue
If you was mine I'd introduce you to momma girl
Your styling your moves n your nirvana
I'm so used to ur prada
Taking trips to houston it's hotta
Throwing that Al Green n using that impala
Lay my jewels on my collar
Ya had me feeling like a fool when I holla'd
Trying to squeeze in but you wouldn't bother
But I aint either
Soon as I realize that I aint need her
She in a rush to get close to me but I aint eager


[Lloyd Banks]
Like I don't mean to bother you
But your s** appeal is remarkable
You make a G wanna walk around in a park with you
There aint no telling what kinda things that I'm'a start to do
If I get wrapped up on your ass to fast
I can tell you feel the same 'cause when I ask you laugh
So I'm'a leave it at that n hint n put it in my math
I imagine your probly look twice as good in a bath
But I'm buggin
'cause I can see you right in the hood when I pass
I'm never stapled 'cause business is on my ass
But you can be the one I visit before I dash
An I admit I been the type to hit n split
But you can blame me for the females that I been getting with
Most of these broads have there eyes on my grits
Till they didn't get shit n learn to be satisfied with the dick an'
N if you aint worth it then that's all you get
I aint gonna blame you I'm gonna blame them tricks


[Lloyd Banks]
You seem like your attitude
Only appears when I'm mad at you
In several situations n that includes
When I'm gone to long ridin' thru them avenues
As soon as I get home this room is a scattered news
You know my fantasies and my feeling things at camera speed
N ur girlfriends trying to sandwich me
My hearts colder then ya sandwich meat
'cause I come from the hood where the hammers be
I move fast but at a switch pace
N I pop in a listerine strip before you get all up on a bitch face
Moving your body like this
Gonna make me blow like a bottle of cris
I don't know noone hotter then twis
You got my temperature risin' from your hips to ur thighs an
That glare in your eyes that brighten up her horizon
It comes naturally I don't bribe em
Its easy as... 1, 2, 3 n I slide em

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Songwriters: CHARLES LLOYD
Karma lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Wixen Music Publishing

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