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Get Away Car Lyrics

Lloyd Banks – Get Away Car Lyrics

I'm on my get away car, drive shit
Fly with me! Listen!
There's a bitch in the road... and I'm rich
Watch a federal alarm to a snitch
Gems on the wrist, shining all sick
You can look at it and tell a little nigga get a chance
Money don't fall, that's probably why I'm popular
Fuck a rap deal, I owe it all to the puppies
Who lived by the... that be frighten me to...
Then I get the white and go round, Jeremy is...
Mommy kissing on the tip of my...
Got the blow brushing to my head like a head stand
Shots come from both sides... that's some...
All color stones nigger fruit loose
Living outside looking like the... truth
Killers right behind and the blue... that don't speak English...

Shawty, lick my thumb so I could count this bread
Busta Bust!
Bitch I'm back with my dice to ride
... all the force sliding on the beat the way you bitch sliding all upon you
They learn a way to trip off
Diamonds falling off the bitches' mind...
Swag or lean, bitches gonna tell 'em what the Forbes magazine...
Bitches... step up in the spot and got wild with the pussy!
Keep it going niggas
... I'll show them how I'll be standing upon you
So... money, bitches climbing up on...
Controlling the form, spending money like you ain't even seen it
The... is costing me a fortune!
Fucking off the street and blowing shit out of proportion
To make my salute to...

Uh, now we're about to stop in Queens
I made the...
Baby I'm the nigga
... we drop the shit and nigga we... beyond!
Baby call people crazy and...
My conscious stay slicker, conscious way bigger
I got Louis V on me and my...
Trying to... the base switching...
Got a heart like... and my rolly is...
I'm a grizzly, I get busy
Got a swag... made the bitch Frisbee
So... I'm starting to get dizzy!
... take the chicks with me!
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