I know if I have to talk at 2 A. M.
You'll pick up the phone and then
Just like that I'll be okay
And I know if I'm straying just outside the lines
You'll pull me back in just in time
To save the day

And I know I can count on you through thick and thin
Together till the very end
You're my best friend

When I talk you finish my sentence
It's you and me when the world's against us
Nothing ever comin' between us
You're my best friend
I never walk alone when I'm with you
All the laugh and cryin' we get through
I don't know what I'd do without you
You're my best friend

We share secrets like we share our clothes
That happy dance nobody knows
And we think we're cool
You know about the boy who broke my heart
You're the one who warned me from the start
But I was such a fool


You and I like sisters, sure we have our fights
Deep down inside, we're just so alike

(Chorus - change to you form on lines 1 and 5)
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You're My Best Friend Lyrics

Lizzie Sider – You're My Best Friend Lyrics