He was working at the movies and we were standing in line
And I remember telling you just look at those brown eyes
So don't act like I never said it
Cause that moment, I won't forget it

I saw him first
You're out of line
Can't you see that boy is mine
Save it stop it don't you get it
I saw him first
So quit being such a flirt
Sweep yourself under a rug
Cause he fits me like a glove
And I saw him first

I wonder if you want him just because I want him too
I know that you know better
That's just something friends don't do
So just back off, go find another
Cause there's more boys and more summers


So girl be careful what you're doing, what 'cha doing?
And I don't know who you think you're fooling


And you can't have him!
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I Saw Him First Lyrics

Lizzie Sider – I Saw Him First Lyrics