Well they ought to stay inside
Close the doors
On bitterness and lies
We're through
She's gone off with a friend
It won't bother me
Just as long as you
Don't show me the moon
Don't show me the stars
Don't let me hear melodies
Softly on guitars
Not a tear there'll ever be
Keep these things away
Nobody can make me cry

Everybody does
When they hear
Just how blind I was
Who cares
Let them have their fun
I'm all right alone
I won't come undone
Don't tell me I'm wrong
Don't tell me she's free
Don't tell me that I'll forget
It will never be
Now I finally understand
I'm learning how to be a man
And nobody can make me cry

Tears of love
I've had my share
From now on
I won't care

Don't talk about love
Don't talk about dreams
Don't talk about broken hearts
'Cause I won't know what you mean
Now I sit, I'm all alone
I'm turning into stone
And nobody can shake me
Nobody can break me
Nobody can make me cry.
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Nobody Can Make Me Cry Lyrics

Livingston Taylor – Nobody Can Make Me Cry Lyrics