Search each day for a reason to stand
People with smiles talk of a hand
That they got from a friend called the Doctor Man.

Doctor Man, Doctor Man, be my friend if you can.
Speak kindly and please understand I'm a lonely tired man.
Doctor Man take my hand
Lord I'm dizzy I cannot stand
I cannot see any solid land
And I know my time's at hand

Doctor Man turns my head to flowers
And people with hours to spend.
Doctor Man tell me again
Of the people who wait to be my friend.

Doctor Man there's water to drink
But I use it instead to quench what I'm thinking
Then I'm thirsty I turn up my glass
And there's nothing left to drink.

Doctor Man, build a plan,
Talk softly of things that you'll teach me to see.
Gentle touches days without crutches
The proud man I'm bound to be.

I'm a lonely tired man
Be my friend if you can
Speak kindly and please understand
I've seen the Doctor Man

Man hey, I've seen the Doctor Man,
Hey, I've seen the Doctor Man.
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Doctor Man Lyrics

Livingston Taylor – Doctor Man Lyrics