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Oozing Vaginal Discharge Lyrics

Lividity – Oozing Vaginal Discharge Lyrics

Semen mixed with your feces, rectal high. Choked on dick,
Oozing blood. Beating on my stiff cock, should you fuck
Me? Tied up, I stick your legs in the air. Your cunt,
Tastes just as sweet as your asshole. Trust me my dick
You'll feel. Cutting the skin between your asshole. My
Dick is just to big to fit in. All the years of mental
Torment. Never, will you ever, will you hurt me again.
All the years of mental torment. Never, will you ever,
Will you hurt me again. God is dead, crucified his
Bastard son, took his place on the cross. Now Mary
Awaits, for my cock to take control. Suck my dick you
Sweet whore. God is dead, crucified his bastard son, took
His place on the cross. Sucking on my cock, is it
Everything you dreamed of? Knife wounds on your clit,
Ripping out your uterus.
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