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6310 Rodgerton Dr. Lyrics

Live – 6310 Rodgerton Dr. Lyrics

There's a house I loved
On the canyon wall
Where Bogart kissed BaCall
Bought by dead man's curve
I had much to learn
As the fire began to burn

These stars shown low
Cause shes asleep below
As the smoke claimed the room
And my brothers feels he's certain
He hears laughter down the hall
It's just the whisper of the flames

They don't know it's taking fire

As the monster came alive
I count four or not five
News teams and the cameras crews
I can't hear myself scream as I'm calling for you
And the master tapes and songs that you'll never hear
The neighbors they just stand and stare
Blisters on my hands and on my bleeding feet
As I drag you out through the broken door

They don't know it's taking fire

As I stand alone, forever changed
In the charred remains
Oh these things are just things
That I'll replace once more
Walking through life's open door

They don't know it's taking fire

They don't know it's taking fire
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