I never knew what I'd go through,
Without you.
Or how much I need for you to believe in me.
But it won't have to be like before.
'Cause I don't have to lie anymore.


'Cause this time it's real.
The way that I feel about you.
Don't walk away 'cause I'm not the same without you.
I'm not just foolin' around.
I promise I won't let you down.
This time it's real.This time it's real.

I finaly know why you had to go away.
You needed TIME something that I couldn't give.
But I'm not the same man I've been.
And you'll know when I hold you again.


I've only given you half of my heart.
But I'll give it all from now on.

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This Time It's Real Lyrics

Little Texas – This Time It's Real Lyrics

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