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Used To Know Lyrics

Little Simz – Used To Know Lyrics

[Verse 1 : Little Simz]

Enough for imposers
These rappers is jokers
Came through on some G shit don’t act like you know us
Same people around me
Same people that show love
See me break the rules still she play it cool
Momentarily waiting for all these people to dig
They all lie in your ear, feed that shit to your kids
Going shopping is long, they just send me a look up
And put that call in to the brand, say I need some more kicks
Know that sounds arrogant but it’s the life that I live
Puttin’ work since I was nine I ain't guilty for shit
Fucked up (?)
Told ‘em bill as many as you want its not a thing
Coming straight from the underground and I’m runnin this shit
Said I don’t write my own lyrics man who told you that myth
You should choke on your words
Go and die of stupidity
If I choose to make a diss track man believe me you’re pissed
I’m a crazy introvert with a mind full of words I define grey sounds And I go from zero to one hundred kilohertz Real quick
Space age the greatest thing up in this universe
If you heard the fire from 20 you will definitely burn

Im not the same person I use to know
… in a good way
Im not the same person I use to know

Master mind, young masterin’ genius
I don’t believe in war but I believe in winning I mean it
Se I can be the deranged and I can be insane
Just let me write my rhymes in search for something I might never find
How the fuck can you tell me that this ain't what you needed
Put your ass back in line and listen up when I’m speaking
They be preaching that bullshit and still don’t know the meaning
Alien life I don’t really fuck with human beings
Homosapiens as a race we’re failing
Try and cover up all the messages you’re portraying
Socialites are lost and just tryna look for a way in
How can you ignore all this greatness that im displaying
How can you be sure that you’re what people are playing
Man I passed caring about what niggas are saying
Call up my lawyer and say these lables are corny
They should know what they’re doing from artists that came before me
Still they struggle to know how to handle young Simz
Cos I can't be handled, step in my space you get dismantled
This isn’t banter
This is that crowd put your hands up
Thoughts are still distorted
I say always, man i've been zoning all day

I will not conform to what they want me to conform to
I was born alone I die alone
These thoguhts are deranged sometimes I don’t care
You think im a human I think im an alien
Still I say
Everybody leave me the fuck alone!
I won't drown in my sorrow!
Everybody leave me the fuck alone!
Leave me alone
Leave me…
I ain't the same person that I use to know

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