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Savage (Freestyle) Lyrics

Little Simz – Savage (Freestyle) Lyrics

You've got no fans, you've got no ground
It ain't fucking helps, we're playing, love, I'm telling you
What, you want some?
You want some?
What [?] you playing around?
Want some or what?
[?] ...fantastic, fantastic
You're playing shit because you got no fans
You want some, I'll give it ya
You wanna do at me?

Oh, indecisive all year round
My plans change without knowing shit
Dropped ten albums, still independent
Don't talk to me about culture shift
They will try to do what I've done
But don't think I haven't been noticing
You are not what the people want
'Hence why the people done chose the king
I don't care 'bout nothing other than my well-being
And if I'ma make that flight, oh, you
Lost now in this big, bad world
Shoulda never ever left my sight
Steady on the way 'til the sun comes up
Give me another juice, better add that ice
I'm faded, raas (Oh my god)
(Wanna do at me?)
Hi-hi-high and my eyes look bloodshot
Tell the real bare youths, well, they must of
Tongues out, could [?], now let me bust shots
Peace signs in my motherfucking mug shots
Young, reckless youths from the north side
Killing all sides, well, it's gotta be us lot
They take the piss, piss, piss, piss, piss
Uh, test us, well, you must not
Easily found, floating through days, I'm about
Chuck's got 'em, I wave 'em down
Take time to count, promote unholy amount
Shut down your city then bounce
Don't be alarmed, I've got my drink and I'm calm
Know this shit worries my marge
Why don't they like seeing women in charge?
Shit I've seen left me mentally scared, whoa
Can you see beyond the stars? Oh
Boy, I see beyond your charm, yo
Cannot read what's on your palm, don't
Miss this flight when it departs, cold
London in the winter time
Reflects on how my mood is when I'm just creating the [?]
Back to when I needed speakers and
Work in that gallery, shift didn't pay me enough
Looking back on niggas dance
Know that God had bigger plans
This shit made me who I am
Told 'em time and time again
Bitch, I've always been the man
I just hope you understand
Shoutout the fans, real sadly
Trus' me, I needed that
They do not give you the realness
Had to be free and that whole time they don't know
Well, I'm bringing reason back
Lord forgive me
Fuck a man, I'm on it
Tell 'em all don't start with Simbi (don't start with Simbi)
Ayy, ganged up with hella bears, looking all grizlly
Oh, that was a shit bar
Cause I'm freestyling, aye
Still I stay savage, always

You feel me?
Listen, don't let them gas you, man
Anyone can rap fast
Just cause rap fast, does that make you sick?
"Oh, flow, you got flow"
Like, bit, man
That doesn't mean anything, what are you actually saying?
Tell me
Space Age: H101
It's just a freestyle, innit? I swear, bruv
WondaGurl, what's good?

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