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No Introduction Lyrics

Little Simz – No Introduction Lyrics

If I could just have a few moments of your time, that would be much appreciated
Thank you

Oh, been away for a minute
And while I was gone, they came with the gimmicks
Packed my bags, where in the world should I visit?
"Are you away for vacay or business?"
Don't be curious, mind your business
The UK scene'll be dried up when I'm finished, yeah, I said it
There's something for you to tweet
Don't say shit you don't mean and then regret it
I don't regret it, I regret letting you niggas shine
Came through on a mission to the finish line
Fuck your buzz, I'm high, you ain't killin' my name
Nothing changed, I'm telling you it's the illest time, that's right
"What's new? Simz, I was thinking that I lost you"
I didn't wanna sign to anyone, so I made AGE 101, that's a boss move
Be aware, when I'm here, you ain't ever there
I put these young boys back into their potty chair
Been ace, you can check my score on solitaire
I've been space, everybody better beware
And it's crazy how
I turn shit down, you've gotta pay me now
I learnt from young to have patience now
I do this all so I can save a child
So don't judge me, everybody wants love, see
Everybody could be anybody's anybody
Don't apologise if you ain't ever sorry
You can start off on page one, let me tell a story
"Did you come here for the fame or about the glory?"
I had no idea my music's international
They play my shit in South Africa down to Missouri, play it for me
Now I know you try your hardest, man, I understand
Shit, my daddy weren't around, what a wicked man
If I ever see that nigga, I'll give him the middle finger
You can call me disrespectful, I don't give a damn, oh lord
"How can you be sure that you're gonna make it?
You're one in a million, everybody has dreams"
But everybody ain't Simz, though, face it
Slight arrogance in my rhymes now
Don't run ya gums to me, better pipe down
They say "you're the best thing to come out of London"
Well this is my city, my hood, my town
And I rep that hard, [?] battle when I come out with some scars
Still I'm standing, yeah, they wanna see me fall
Yeah, they wanna see me... it's a joke ting
Never compromise what you love for money
Age 9, spitting like I had it
"How did you get this far? Is it magic?"
Man, I've done shows where my body couldn't hack it
Always gave energy on the stage, still
You wouldn't even know I was mad ill
You wouldn't even know at the end of my set, yeah, I threw up
If you knew, the Twitter feed would've blew up
"How did you keep a good head on your shoulders?
Growing up in ends, how'd you stay out of trouble?"
Couldn't even tell you how it could've been different
Must've been the kid that was living in a bubble
Must've been the kid that was always gonna make it big
With the whole world screaming at you that they love you
Must've been the chosen one, quick
Must've been the only one, shit
Niggas ain't wanted here, dip
I came to win, everyone's pissed
When I step foot in the ring
You won't even know what hit you when I swing
But still down the road that might lead to greatness I go
How on Earth can I live in space if I'm home?
Space... I'm just gonna leave the beat to play
And let you take in everything I just said
This is DROP 3000

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