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Have I Lyrics

Little Simz – Have I Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Picture me on a white horse in a white dress
But I ain't tryin' to become a bride yet
I know it's gonna be hard to pass life's test
My words are too much to disect
Haters are staring and they're lookin' like a right mess
Skinny motherfuckers why you showin' me your biceps?
Got me like...
Oh you flexin' huh?
That shit ain't impressive love
Take me to the bottom of the sea
Take me somewhere where you forever wanna be
I just wanna breath in flowers
And let the time pass hours gone dont sweat it
I promise you that you will not regret it
Relax your mind don't panic
Impact the lives of the planet
If you are not getting what i'm trying to achieve right now
You will never understand it
Take it slow free your mind
But live your life in peace and harmony
Faith is hard to see if you're blind
If not then see the signs
And read above the lines and not between
Take a hit and i'm free
Shit is not what it seems
I'm too young to be stressed
But never too old to chase dreams
Then the world will chase me
See them bright stars in my scenery
Space is where you folks need to be
You won't get the whole concept
Till I break it down what space means to me
You can touch the sky easily
And you ever been up on a plane But to get inside a rocket is a different ball game
I roll by myself, the lonely are the brave
That’s right ok…

Look beyond and you’ll love this
Time again I’ve been told without an open mind
You just can't function
This as real as it gets
You know me by now don’t play with no fuck shit
Is it too good to be true
They tell me I’m dreaming tell me I’ve lost it
How the hell have I lost it?
Have you been here before?
You didn’t wanna know when I was at your door?
And I was on
And I was on
I came in, way here and now you’re gone
I treaded carefully only to spare your feelings
I sing this song from my chest so you know I mean it
You know I mean it
You know I mean it
If I told you this was to myself woud you believe it?

[Verse 2]
Its imaginary
I’m ready to run a planetary
Make storms am I Halle Berry
Keep my lyrics in a sanctuary
It’s sacred tell ‘em all play this
When you’re down and under
I’m ready to kill it I won't lose my hunger
7 over 60 you know your numbers
Or scratch that I’m the 8th wonder
Of the world that’s…

See the sunlight its beaming
Shade’s on something messy im drinking
Hey, head out the window I’m cheesing
No you ain't heard a song in a while that’s here to give you this feeling
See you can just take it slow
Come correct, still attempt
To do better even if you done better
Workin’ and workin’ I know you’re fed up
But see as you’re workin’ you’re learning to keep your head up
That’s that…
Keep me to yourself and don’t share me with no one else
I’ve felt things here that no one’s felt
Its just me here and no one else
Its just me here and no one else

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