This isґnt about anything special... Just wrote it
Cause I wanted something in English...
And like, see how it sounds!
It's a little different from what I use to do
A little confused...

Standing on the edge, watching my life pass by
See a reflection of my self, high upon the sky
Waiting for something, perhaps of better times
Like the times, when it allways was you and I
Not a day is passing by, without thinking of you
Thinking for my self, whyґs life so cruel
What did I do wrong, to serve this life of pain
When she was the one, playing me like a game
That's just one of million questions I have to god
I'm standing here to face you, crying tears of blood
Angels whispering, I can hear them calling my name
But before I go, thereґs so much I want to say...

I thought you were the one, but I couldґnt be more wrong
I feel so stupid now, knowing that you tricked me all along
When looking back on the start, everything seemd so great
But when I found out everything was a game, it was to late
I had my I had my suspicions, but I didґnt wanna believe they were true
I thougt everything were fine, it was all me and you
I'm still waiting for an answear, where did all go so wrong?
How could all of this happen, when our love was so strong?

We wereґnt just lovers, we were also the best of friends
Saying that our love, would never come to an end
But look how it went, everything we said ran out in sand
Pretty much all I can think of, is the first time that we hold hands
And the first time ever I got to look you deep into your eyes
Thatґs a memory I will have within, until the day that I die
And that day, seems to come much sooner than I thougt
But to see you with someone else, would really crush my heart!
So I'm standing on the edge, told you all you need to know
Your eyes is the only thing I see infront of me, while falling down.
If you ever come to heaven, you know where to find me, right?
All you need to do, is to follow the light...
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I Thougt Lyrics

Liteförvirrad – I Thougt Lyrics