I was at Auckland airport last year, catching a flight to Sydney
Which I nearly missed because I was watching this girl
For some reason she caught my eye
She was just sitting on the ground, leaning against something, a backpack was next to her
She had kinda long brown quite full hair
Really naturally looking girl, no make up
Really comfortable with herself
I think that's what caught my eye and she was talking to this really striking tall young black man and I think they were catching a flight to America, and she was so expressive with her hands talking to him
She was flirting outrageously and he was just falling, falling, falling for it
It was great
And then I realized she wasn't actually talking
She was signing and that her hands, they wer e expressive but she was actually, they were both signing to each other
And I just watched this dance happen, this sexy kind of seduction and I thought "This guy doesn't stand a chance"
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Auckland Airport Lyrics

Lisa Chappell – Auckland Airport Lyrics