Don't wanna live like some scaredy cat
Over analyzin' this and that
Choke when it's my turn to bat
Sit out the last dance
'Cause here you are in front of me
Feelin' like every thing I need
There's so many Possibilities
If I just take the chance

What if there's a touch
That calms my deepest fears
A sunset on an ocean pier
Where we tell each other our life stories
All night long untill it's morning
What it there's a moment sayin'
Dance, Though there's no music playin'
And a perfect blue sky backdrop, for a kiss
Is that what I'd miss?

Part of me wants to just wants to let go
Let you get into my heart and soul
The other part it just don't know
'Cause there's a lot to lose
I could give all my everything
No there's nothin' that you wouldn't see
And it could turn out that you don't love me
Like I love you

What if there's a house with roses
And a trellis
A yard that makes the neighbors jealous
We're on the front porch holdin' hands
Makin' all our future plans
Family pictures on the mantle
Christmas trees and Roman candles
Take out menus and weekly grocery lists
Is that what I'd miss?

What is there's a little girl
With your blue eyes
A wall that marks just how time flies
One minute bouncin' on my knee
Next she's askin' for the keys
Maybe I should just surrender
To the hope of things we might remember
I'll tell my heart I think it's worth the risk
If that's what I'd miss

That's what I'd miss
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What I'd Miss Lyrics

Lisa Brokop – What I'd Miss Lyrics

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