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One Day Of May In '99 Lyrics

Liquid Divine – One Day Of May In '99 Lyrics

One day of may in ninetynine
The wall was talking to the floor
About the carpet by the door
And the hidden girl inside...

Blonde hair, I remember her
Blue nails, yeah, I still can feel
Her velvet skin, her anxious eyes
And the curtains softly sighed...

She had a letter from her dad
A poem 'bout the end of time
And my bedside lamp awoke
To read to us these lovely lines...

Luscious widows everywhere she said don't go, I don't
Dreaming pillows in december one by one, we will
Indifferent fathers everywhere they said nothing, they
Don't care
Freezing dreamers in november one by one, we will

One day of june in eightyfive
The spoon was talking to the knife
About the dinner in between
And the strange boy and his dream...

Brown hair, I remember him
Green eyes, tall and very thin
His fragile skin, his lust for life
His will to get the perfect... Bitch...

He wrote a letter to his mom
A poem 'bout a better son
And the ceiling lights awoke
To read these lines, to see a gun...
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