Wake up darling, it's a beautiful morning
The sun is shining and the sky is blue
Let's have our morning tea outside in the garden
And listen to the birds when they are singing for you

And for ones let us ignore our curious neighbors
Always looking through their windows
Let's have our morning tea out side in the backyard
No matter how cold the wind blows

It's a beautiful day
It's a beautiful world

And no matter what they say
All the sorrows are far away

Wake up darling it's a beautiful day
We better enjoy it before we loose it
No one can tell how long it will last
It would be a shame not to use it

I'm so sick and tired of these rainy mornings
When I look outside I just want to die
But to day my life has got a meaning
And this is the reason why
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Beautiful Day Lyrics

Liptones – Beautiful Day Lyrics