Shooty Hoops
Everywhere I look
There are some opinions I can't stand
And don't we all feel that way sometimes
But one sticks out to me
That we must fulfill our greed
Ruin artistic integrity for the sake of short-term

I'll be driving home for the holidays
Listen to the radio and all the stupid shit that gets

We don't stand a chance

It must connect to the emotions of the audience
We cannot have them thinking on their own

If we keep them focused on relationships and their high
School crush
We've done our part, let's go home

What a standard, a restricting formula
That never allows my voice to get heard
You can go and sing those songs all day long
And realize that
There's no substance to their words

I'll be sitting at home for the holidays
Watch the daily countdown shows and all the stupid shit
That gets played
We don't stand a chance
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Shooty Hoops Lyrics

Lipona – Shooty Hoops Lyrics