Think back do you recall the day they lost the meaning
Remember when it used to be about the music and dreaming
Break down the walls you see inside and wish you never did
It looked so pretty before you opened the lid
Think back do you recall the only thing you cared about was
The way the music felt the way the music felt
No scarf could ever cover up the real you
No scarf could ever stop us from seeing the true you
Something's wrong can't you see this city's broken
Look around exclusivity destroyed them
Beware what you wear what you drive
Be careful they'll eat you alive
Face to face that night conversation wasn't right
You're looking down but you're no taller than me
But you can be sure well never stop the fight
Although you'd probably disagree
With you on your pedestal well never stand eye to eye
An era passes and if you ask I guess it was about time
Don't bother to call us we won't call you
Who knew what I put on this morning would be my biggest crime
Don't bother to call us we won't call you
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Scarf Rock Lyrics

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