I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't wear a mask
And no matter how hard I try i'll still come in last
People always try to tell me down where I should go
Suit and tie, ball and chain
I just don't know
Those same people try to tell me what I should do,
But I'm a step ahead and they don't have a clue
They're taking their insecurities out on me
Closing themselves in and they don't even see
What can I do (bout 7 times...)
It's up to me
When I look back and I can still see myself,
I remember being alone and how patheic I felt
They told me what to do and jest fell in line
Followed all those rules
And I got left behind
What can I do (bout 7 times...)
It's up to me
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What Can I Do? Lyrics

Link 80 – What Can I Do? Lyrics

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