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Trueman Lyrics

Lincoln Junkie – Trueman Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I touch the ground and tease gravity
Make the most of my fantasy and vanish with this vanity
Now, I'm planning to change my view of insanity
Before they laugh at me, not that I could care actually
Passively, I'm passing through, like I'm eating through a passage
And having em, fight for my rhymes, like it was they right
Like they gotta have it, doesn't surprise my habitat in my life
Chilling, sipping adrenaline drinks, with a mic
Like, this the dream that I chase, like I'm riding a tricycle
Biblical mindset, I preach about new times and rules
Who were made through some ignorant, white people
Without a concept of the truth, caught up in their white lies
Like I'm caught up in the booth, feeding my sweet tooth
Plummeting from the ends of the earth till I reach the end of the youths
What you gon' say when I do that?
Apprehend my concepts, or comprehend my foot up your assets


It's so Trueman [X4]

[Verse 2]

They told pop to stop rhyming, so I'm here to refine the timing
And turn your opinion of my mind into an awkward silence
Going along with lies they show you, right in front of your iris
I have a bright mind and I'm not afraid to enlighten
Reading and writing's like kissing and telling
I'm a bit of a rebellion when it comes to foretelling
The future is selling a place on a plane, I ain't bailing
You out, when you awaken from the dead, and I'm sleeping in my rocking chair next to abe lincoln
Counting my chest hairs, and hope that I don't lose count
Somehow I'm still a beast, on the mic, with the will power of a girl at the age of 12
Now listen up or lose out
I doubted myself way before you could, and now I'm confident
Options scarcer than ornithologist's kid
Back then only list I made was after school detention
And now I'm hitting these mentions in a 5th dimension

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