Stable cause he had a good job quiet, wasn't fond of small talk was the =
Kind of guy who'd eat his lunch alone on the weekends he would always be =
At home doing god knows what if god had only know mail order and he =
Ordered one to go bringing death and destruction to an office downtown =
Killing 23 people at a half past noon said he was sorry as if it would =
Help and the spotlight's in his face gonna notice him now stabe cause =
She had a good job labeled all american mom bright and early monday =
Morning on her way gotta work got to get some money saved sipping =
Coffee, sorting boxes, and her fate package opened reading "have a nice =
Day" bringing death and destruction to an office downtown killing 23 =
People at a half past noon and now there's a rock with her name on a =
Plaque in the middle of a park gonna notice her now there is this old =
Familiar sound don't know exactly what it is but it's a part of me and =
Now it's getting very loud I hear, I hear, the voices in my head
Submitted by: Mel
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Stable Lyrics

Limp – Stable Lyrics