"Hi it's me, listen I'm gonna be late tonight I'm chasing the sun, oh no! My battery is running low, if you can hear me, we're going to a place narby alright? Gotta go!"

Her name is Candy,
She likes Shandy,
And this song is lame.

Limp bizkit:
Let's fuck this track up!!!

Woah! Yeah! You need to die for the pain that you caused me,
Why I didn't murder you I don't know,
So all I can say is:

Mark & limp bizkit:

Die bitch die!!
Lie bitch lie!!
Why bitch why??
Aaarrrrghhhh anger, must murder sue!!!

Limp bizkit:
You must pay for the shit you've caused,
All I can say is go back to your pimps you hoar
Don't try coming to me cos I'll laugh at you,
But I wouldn't mind a quicky.

Repeat chorus X 3

Shawn fanning:
Let me steal the music,
Let me rule the world,
Let me fuck a tortoise,
Let Suzzane die.

Repeat chorus X 4

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Chase The Sun Lyrics

Limp Bizkit – Chase The Sun Lyrics