Anything can happen
As we make our way
Home from the club

We could both be flattened
By a double decker city bus
Otherwise a perfect night
If we're not dead before it ends

We could live forever
But we'll never get
This chance again...

Don't you worry,
Don't think about
Tomorrow morning,
What's your hurry?
Just focus on tonight

We could fall in love
And trade this city
For a change of pace,
Find our slice of paradise
And give our babies hippie names

Maybe we'll both hate each other
Shitty s** 'n seperate beds
We could get restraining orders
Vow to never speak again...
On second thought let's not say names,
I'll just be me and you be you,
Two perfect strangers being sneaky
With a flask of booze,
No need to think of any clever
Pick up lines to use

I've got a stack of records
You just bring your dancing shoes

Tonight I'll drop the needle,
Pop a bottle, sit back and just watch you
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Flaskaboozendancingshoes Lyrics

Limousines – Flaskaboozendancingshoes Lyrics

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