Been in this town far too long
And I know that I'm ready to finally move on
All the talk on the street, the people I meet
They seem so convincing and it ain't worth waiting around
To see it bring me down

So here I am I'm hitting the highway
And I'll begin doing it my way
And let 'em believe I have got the disease

The end of September and I still remember where I thought I'd be
And it ain't here wondering about looking back on what's in the past
Though it clouds my memories and I don't exactly want them
Bringing me down again



Now I've spent some time by the Tennessee line
Tho I wasn't itching to find what I'm missing
It came to me but not in a dream
And I was relieved when I found it ain't trying to bring me down

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Tennessee Line Lyrics

Lillie Mae Rische – Tennessee Line Lyrics

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