The flame burns forever, Eternal Yod
To die is the only way, I take my sword of Fire
I draw a Pentagram in the sky, I open my blackheart

I see myself in a mirror of all ages
I see a dark being, I'm scared to think and act
But at the same time, I like been a dark spirit of evil

The night covers me with it's magic and mystery
In that moment I feel s marvellous power
It's a passion that doesn't know time or space
It's a serpent that eats herself, forever Astral Light!

I have wondered after knowing
The limits and the deeps of the life
The thing without name, the strange essence,
The aeons of the time

Astral Light! Last Arcanum! Baphomet!
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Blackheart Lyrics

Lilith – Blackheart Lyrics