What if I could fly? (
I could spread my wings wide (
Just like the birds in the sky (
And freedom will be mine (

I could sit on a cloud (
Oh! What a beautiful sight (
Watching the wind blow (
Into the night ((

Leaving behind my fears (
Set my Tiville aside (
I shall she'd no tears (
As I fly away with pride (
As I cross the mighty sea (
In all of it's majesty (
Watching waves of pleasant glee
I shall find serenity ((

I could fly from land to land (
Touching every soul (
As I reach for everyone's hand
(And let happiness roll ((

My spirit will shine (
As high as it can be (
In a moment so divine (
Love shall beset upon me (
As I fly high above (
I will touch the celestial light (
Heaven is mine to hold
(Because I can fly (
And so can you (
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If I Could Fly Lyrics

Lili Dauphin – If I Could Fly Lyrics