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Off Da Chain Lyrics

Lil'E – Off Da Chain Lyrics

Intro-Ghetto Romm in da house

V1/now you and your girl just love it when I jam
some niggas know I come threw like tracy I slam
and take you to the b-ball court
and show you my sport
jay you from the 3 line
or maybe have court
yo game ain't like mine you might fall short
when I say I do it one time I do it once more
and dats why I rip and ryme
every-time you step out of line
now as I shine from my head down to my shoes
riden in this sittin on 22's
ya girl must knew that my color is baby-blue
you might not belive me but I'm tellin you its
true I'm tellin you its ture

Ch/I'm only 14 and I'm doin my thang
you see I don't get mean when yo girl jocken
my chain (2x's)

V2/i rip shows
spit flows and that foreal do
I count 100's and50's as you give me mo
I take yo girl and give her back and that's fasho
cuz I love it when her knees touch her elobows
when I'm rappen my flows
she don't know how to act when she sees my dow
stack after stack
Lil'e off in da spot
give a few days and my name will be hot
you can be me boy you need to stop


V3/I'm off glass or maybe just off da chain
my music so wicked you can feel it hittin your
brain cuz I can leave and i'll still be the just with
some better game
now ain't that a shame
tell your girl to let be with all that drama
let me tell you I guess she get it from ha moma
cuz the L-I-L-E
I guess you know who I be
cuz I got mo money then you got cavitys

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