You know what the fuck I'm on (bih!)
Woah, yeah (mhm), woah, woah, woah
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah (gang! let me hear it)
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah (come get it)
(Polo boy shawty on the track so I ain't feeling it)
Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah
(uh, yeah, fuck with me)

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Yeah, told ya lil' boy, yeah I said it (said it)
Run up on boat, you'll regret it (regret it)
Read that on Reddit (Reddit)
Take that lil' chain yeah I got it (got it!), hee
Get that shit [?] (okay)
Walk around with a beam (boom! boom!)
Boogeyman boat snatching 'em (gang!)
Gang, gang, gang with a MAC-10 (gang, gang, uh!)
Take her to the room gotta text me (yeah, yeah, uh!)
Nigga talking down better speak up (hoo!)
Get his ass shot like a vaccine (ooh, ooh, ohh, sheesh, go ahead)
Richest monkey in the zoo (alright!)
Pussy wet like stew (yeah!)
Hit her one time she a bugaboo (ooh)
Flew the bitch in, left her at the W (W)
Go get some, talk to another dude (W, W)
Young nigga rich as he ever been (ooh)
Might cop a crib in the Netherlands (gang! gang! gang! you rich)
Stay with that 30 round thing (boom)
All off the hip, let it hang
All in the back, neck to the chain (skrt, skrt)
18 years old bought my mama a range (skrt)
19 years old bought my mama Porsche (I did that)
20 years old tryna go cop a Bentley (yeah)
Might be the youngest flexer of the century (damn)
Come to my crib, the roof got the sentries
Squeeze on the trigger till that bitch is empty (fa! fa! fa!)
[?], ammo clip is lengthy (yeah)
Cut through the gate, I dare 'ya ass to tempt me (hoo!)

[Verse 2: K$upreme]
She got a kid, I'm a motherfucker
These niggas funny like Chris Tucker (funny nigga)
Baby blue [?] hot like a trucker (damn)
My brother came in with a stick, he slug it (brrr!)
Glock on my hip let it burn like I'm Usher (brah!)
[?] on the back, I'ma crush her (sheesh)
Petty boy catch 'em like mustard (ooh)
I'm with the [?], I bought em some clusters (ice)
I pay that bitch like I'm at [?] (hah!)
[?] drive-by and you hearin' them monthly

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Track 5 Lyrics

Lil Yachty – Track 5 Lyrics