Get the fuck up off of my dick
Model lil' bitch with no thighs like a toothpick
[?] pointing cannons out the window like a cruise ship (pew-pew)
My bitches turned 22 like a Glock
My chain all rose gold like a bullet tip
Niggas turned bitch on the net, they got lots of lips
IPhone twerk, 6 calls in the last [?] (brrr)
Scared to have a bitch 'cause I be dicking niggas housewives, oh
SRT, do a high speed (skrrt)
Broke bih crip with a High-C (gang)
Snitching on young niggas that's my pet peeve
Choppa get to singing, Ryan Leslie, ooh
And your bitch a thot, boy your bitch a thot, hah
If she gushy, sell that pussy up on Etsy
Nah, not a nigga finna check me (pipe up)
And I don't want no sex, I want that backie yeah (pipe up)
This AK-47 look so sexy (du-du-du, grrr!)
You think your bitch is loyal, she gon' text me, yeah (gang)
200 thousand on my neck-piece, oh
I'm a fly young nigga I can't be stopped, huh
Teach these niggas something like a leapfrog (yeah)
Buzz me through the gate with a keycard
All up on my green bed like I'm [?] (woo)
Gotta make sure that we eat 'cause if not then we starve
That's a fact nigga, running with that sack on my back nigga (slatt)
223 make a nigga scat quicker (du-du, grrr!)
Get him deleted like a bad picture (deleted)
Ne-never sold my soul, never sold it, that's a fact, yeah
Gang goes first, keep them bitches in the back, yeah

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Gang Goes First Lyrics

Lil Yachty – Gang Goes First Lyrics