Woo, woo, woo, woo
Woo, woo, woo, woo (you see the chain)
Woo, woo (this everything we do)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, damn
Yeah, yeah, yeah, damn (woo)
Yeah, yeah, bih (woo), damn

Nigga got flatlined downstreet (ooh)
I'm a real nigga, I'm comfy (ski)
223 let's buy lean (whew)
Big boy coke in by heat, uh (woo, bih, woo, damn)
I'm done (oh yeah)
Choppa get the [?] like Malcolm, uh
Some say "boy you better whack 'em", uh
All in the trap with a real dope boy
Nigga come where I normally [?] (yeah)
Fuck on that nigga, a hoe (fuck 'em)
Fuckin' his bitch, she broke

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Flatlined Lyrics

Lil Yachty – Flatlined Lyrics