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Break The Knob Off Lyrics

Lil' Wyte – Break The Knob Off Lyrics

Break-break-break da knob off, ain't no turning down
Ain't no turning down
Ain't no turning down
Ain't no turning down (2X)
For-for-for-for what?
For what?
For what?
For what?
For-for-for what?
For what?
Ain't no turning down (2X)

I'm-I'm turnt up to the maximum, liquor flow and kush blow
And OG Wyte is what we smoke and Michigan is where its grown
And popped another half a bar, now I am a xanimal
Looking for a free tee, tonight I am a canibal
Two-two mollies, orange juice I'm loose cause I'm on crown and goose
I'm super trippy, vision blurry, I barely know what I should do
My heart is pumping, pupils vibrating back and forth inside my head
I still go harder than most of the people I know and I know I should be dead
On the other side of the galaxy, I'm sitting on Jupiter's moon
I'm out my fucking mind high, and I ain't coming down no time soon
Shout out to Juicy J cause he passed me in a flying saucer
Now its knob broken my right shoulder is where I just toss em



Hit the club and turn it up, throw that bag and burn a blunt
Its hot as fuck up in this club, I swear to God I'm burning up
(Wooo!) High-high on my level (Wooo!) I'm-I'm high as fuck
Wake up in the morning, feeling like I got hit by a truck
Yeah-yeah bitch, you know and this is what I do ho
I popped another molly now I'm on my way to blue ho
I’m passing through the club with my middle fingers up
Singing "If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck"
I got people over here, I got people over there
Star ride in this bitch, fuck around and throw a chair
Would you beat em to the floor in the club? I sho will
Hottest white boy in the game, and I did it with no deal
Totem bitch!

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