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Imposters Lyrics

Lil Wop – Imposters Lyrics

Yo, Ayo
Aye, uh
Aye, aye, aye, aye

These niggas, they pussy, I'm pullin' they card (they pussy)
I know you ain't gangster, I know you a fraud (I know you a bitch)
You say you don't like me, I'm fuckin' his broad (broad)
Look out your window, it's snakes in your yard (ssss)
Just caught a body, lil bro took the charge (took the charge)
We all gotta eat, I'm just doin' my job (we all gotta eat)
Totin' them sticks and they look like guitars (sticks like guitars)
Said I'll be broke, but I'm beatin' the odds (aye)
Young nigga beatin' the block (pot)
Your bitch, she beat up the pot (pot)
Bought a new drop, skrt that bitch off the lot (yeah)
Run in your trap, yeah, we pickin' your lot (yeah)
Double Gs on me, it's all on my socks (my socks)
If you wonder what I spend with your guap (with your racks)
I took his ho, hit a lick with that bitch (with that bitch)
New F&N, I can't miss with that bitch (aye)
Tell that bitch pick up the bricks (pick up the bricks)
Whippin' the babies like Whitney
I keep the stick, bullets fly like a witch (like a witch)
I up the Glizzy when she get intense (pssh, pssh, uh)
Smoke all my weight and I'm jumpin' the fence (jumpin' the fence)
Nowhere to be found, I'm somewhere in the trench (in the trench)
Couple racks gone, it's somewhere in the ditch (in the ditch)
Your bitch in the trap and she payin' the rent (payin' the rent)
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