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Free Smoke Lyrics

Lil Wop – Free Smoke Lyrics

Brent Rambo
Yeah, yeah
Just bought a new

[hook: Lil Wop]
Just bought a new chopper just bought a new gun
Extended the clip it came with a drum
We dropping bombs on yo spot like sadam
Geeked out my mind i sip lean til im numb
Just hit a stain i got blood on my timberlands
I rob the plug and i take down the middle man
Say he want smoke when i see him he shivering
Go to the spot then i count up the dividends
Say he want smoke who want it?
Face on a shirt he on it
We stay on point we on it
Slide on yo block in yo shit like we own it
Bitch is that white girl i feel like im tony
I can not fuck wit you uou not my homie
I had it tucked he ain't think it was on me
Shot to his face wrap him up like a mummy

[Verse: Chuck Thottie]
Since i'm on papers i can't smoke no killer
I sip the lean just to relax my liver
When i'm through nothing you know i dismiss her
I took the top right off the fisker
All these dead opps can't fit in a swisher
I come with the racks and he coming to get you
That bitch a thot she gone fuck for a picture
I call up the Wopster like what is the issue
Why they sneak dissing like you ain't official
I make it rain you make it drizzle
Thrisky in point and he toting a nickel
Chain on my neck feel like a icicle
When she kiss the Glock it be turning me on
All of this drank up in this Styrofoam
Pull up in the coop with the hazards on
They looking like what the fuck is he on

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