Feat. Lil Won and D. A. Y

She a phreak"she phreaky"she phreaky den a bitch
She a phreak"she phreaky"she phreaky den a bitch
She a phreak"she phreaky"she phreaky den a bitch
She all about ha kash you kant tell dhat girl shit she a phreak

[Verse 1 - Lil Won]
She a phreak watch how she lick ha lips
Got a nigga on dead body (what you mean) stiff
How she kan make ass move like dhat I'm like foreal
She turnt around looked me in my eyes so I had to say kum hea
What's yo name where yo man kuz I know you locked down
She smacked ha lips nd said
Yea right I'm single fa now
Got ha # sent a text nd said this won lock me in
She replied wyd new friend I wanna see you again
She a phreak she phreak so I left the Waffle House
Kall nd told I'm outside she kame out ha night gown
Lights kamera action this the world premier
She looked back nd grab my head nd whispered in my ear


[Verse 2 - D. A. Y]
She ah freak man I swear this girl live
She the baddest I don seen man this girl she at the top
She be twerkin twerkin twerkin then she make that ass drop
She can do it on ah handstand and make that pussy pop
Left cheek left cheek
Right cheek right cheek
Let me see you get it
Lil mama she ah freak ima give her ass the bidness
She told me don't judge her I said girl I'm just ah witness
She bend that ass over and worked me out No Fitness
Work work work work girl don't stop
The way she move that ass she gotta nigga on rock
But like I said before ass up face down
She wanna see the D cause she stay in H town she ah freak!


[Verse 3 - Swateezy]
She a fuckin freak and she know it so she put that ass in motion
Game smoother than some lotion, it swat up in this function
Bag of oh's like some funyuns, she fuck me and my Youngins
But we don't love these hoes we play em off like they nothing
But we fuck em, give me a red bone ratchet
Waist so skinny but her ass is the fattest
Lip ring, tongue ring baby daddy name tatted
I'm in his x box like I'm playin fuckin madden
I get twice the ass in, like I'm an assassin
She throw it at me like she Peyton manning passin
We make a movie so it's lights camera action
White kid from the burbs but I'm still a fuckin savage
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She A Phreak Lyrics

Lil Won – She A Phreak Lyrics