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Suicide Awareness Lyrics

Lil West – Suicide Awareness Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil West]
He need a tissue for his tears
Say you ain't meant to but you did
Now he got a pistol to his head
Some shit that he went through everyday
I know he got issues
Just need someone to vent to
I know he was good with the pencil
He crying for help cause he miss you
I don't know if y'all was close
Don't know how things went at home
Seems like he always alone
Cause he don't connect with his folks
In his house he feel hes unwanted
I know how it feels like to be lonely
Big plate of food but you ain't hungry
In his life he just waiting to say sorry
All those times you feel like you're wrong
Don't give up baby boy cause you're strong
Ain't no reason you shouldn't be loved
You need people thats good for your soul

[Verse 2: Shinigami]
Said she loved me
I don't know why
Think she lies to me
Said she'd die for me
Across the skyline
As I drive by
Said just take this one day at a time
Sunshine, in her eyes
Low lights, in the night
Sweet dreams, voice of reason
You've known my fate since the start

[Verse 3: Lil West and Shinigami]
You think you know
Just play your role
You think you've got everything I control
Watch me fall into the dark, left a scar inside my heart, fragments of what's left of me, I'm broken it's so plain to see
Guess I'm the reason that we just divided
So much behind it
Black hearts and violence
Burn everything that you think I am, Ashes are all that remain
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