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Grave Within A Grave Lyrics

Lil Ugly Mane – Grave Within A Grave Lyrics

From the inside of my corpse, 30 seconds is like a century
Imprisoned in necrotic flesh
Cognizant beyond my death
Paralyzed and frozen in this carnal penitentiary
Lucidly projecting hellish spectres
Ghoulish architecture, enveloped
In a darkness far beyond my mind can measure
Suffocating violent pressure
It just goes on forever, are these electro-
Magnetic hallucinations?
Is this everybody's afterlife or something I've created?
Abandoned and dismissed in a flaccid
Impotence with the cold illumination that I no longer exist
In a grave within a grave
It was the first time I prayed, no one
There to tell me that I shouldn't be afraid
Falling endlessly deeper, yet immobile and still
In this infinite aethyr washing over
My filth, neither angels or reapers or ghosts were fulfilled
Just a cavity to soak up my guilt
In my depravity, the flowers
Up above me wilting down so they can laugh at me
To think we spend our lives
Convinced we understand agony, a familiar
Voice: "He's finally at peace"
Shrieking through the silence to remind me I'm deceased
I tried to answer but the dead can't
Speak, the biggest prison in the world's underground six feet
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